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RT ezlistening - "Is there anyone really who doesnt see Carrie in themselves?" <-----So True! But secretly I think we all just want to be Carries, because when it boils down to it - she is the story - she has it all! Great friends, great style, great legs. :)

But truthfully, the beauty of SATC is that you can relate to all of the characters. The writing portrays four beautiful women that posses qualities we all want to find in our self. Miranda is headstrong and driven. Charlotte is optimistic and classic. Samantha is outgoing and uninhibited. Carrie is witty and contagious. I couldn't choose a character of those that best describes me with ease - that's like asking me which family member I like the best.

I strive for success like Miranda, I wear my heart on my sleeve like Charlotte, I demand attention like Samantha, and over analyze my life like Carrie. I'm a Miarlottarrimantha.

But sreiously. I'm for sure a Carrie. I look great in both sunglasses and hats. Something not every girl can do.

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me and my two best friends posted our 10 things! thanks for the idea!!
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