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Good idea! I too am waiting for Google to straighten all this out. I'd like to be able to separate my personal videos from things that might only be related to this site. At the same time, I don't want to lose my channel name (ledfrog), so I never want to shut that down. In the future, I'm hoping Google profiles and sub-pages will all be interlinked so tightly that we could easily transfer videos, pictures, etc. from one area of our "network" to another. Good luck with everything!

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I have setup 3 different pages under my personal account and none of them allow any direct linking with YouTube. My assumption is that they did this because you can't have more than one YouTube Channel on any one Google account. If they are saying this feature is coming soon, then it's possible that Google plans to implement a similar configuration within YouTube that will allow a YouTube account/channel to create what I'll call "sub-channels" and then perhaps have the option to link these sub-channels with applicable Google Plus pages. For example, I have my one YouTube channel linked to my Google Plus profile, but let's say I wanted to start doing product review videos that match the content I write on this site, but rather than have them appear to my current subscribers (which are expecting different types of videos), I could create a specific channel for it. If that becomes possible, then it would only make sense that I could then link it to my Google Plus page that represents this site.

But until that happens, you're sort of stuck. To answer your question about unlinking, the answer is no. Google only allows a YouTube account to be unlinked from Google Plus if the YouTube account was created before May of 2009. This was before Google owned YouTube, so those accounts are part of the old database structure. The new one apparently gets permanently linked as soon as you use your Google account on YouTube.

As far as your solution, are you intending on keeping the videos on YouTube at all? And then just posting the same videos directly to the brand page as well?

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The first thing we need to clarify is your usage of the words "Google+ page". If on your Google+ profile you created a Google+ page for your brand, then you can't have YouTube videos show up directly under the YouTube tab because it just isn't there on pages. However, pages do have a spot for uploading videos, so your best best might be to just re-upload the specific videos to your brand's page and call it a day. The only downside here is that the videos you upload to Google+ are not posted on least from my understanding. Because Google+ pages are created as secondary elements to your Google+ profile, it doesn't allow you to link it to a YouTube account.

Let's take my example so I can show you what I have set up. I only have one Google account that I'm now using. Within that account, I have all the Google services (Plus, Drive, Calendar, Mail, Wallet, Voice, etc.). I have ONE Google+ profile. Under that profile, I've created TWO for this website and another for my photography hobby. My YouTube channel is linked to this ONE Google account I now use (after going through all the drama outlined above!) So now, when I upload a video to YouTube, it automatically shows up on my Google+ PROFILE under the YouTube tab. That's great because I only upload videos that are somewhat personal in nature and my profile was created for that same reason. However, none of these videos appear on my Google+ pages because from what I've seen, they can't be linked. I actually hope that one day, Google changes this and allows us to separate our YouTube accounts so we can have a similar setup like on Google+ where we can create business pages underneath our personal profiles. With the current setup, the only way to get a video on your business page is to upload it directly to that page.

Now, from what I understand, you may have created multiple profiles rather than adding a brand page to your personal profile. If that's true, then you now have two Google accounts and with each one, you have a different Plus profile, different YouTube channel, different Drive account and so on.

It's up to you whether you want to keep managing two of everything, but my advice would be to consolidate. Start by only using one Google account. Decide which email address you want to use for logging into everything and then branch out from there by using Google+ pages and separate video uploads.

I hope all this made sense! You can email me if you get stuck or need some more info:

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I can't speak for Dan, but I can say that it has been a long time since I wrote this article, so it appears that a lot has changed on Dan's website. However, I think he made those changes so people would stop asking the same questions over and over.

If you click on the link I provide to his website, just start the process by clicking the "Click here to start" link and begin the process of answering the questions. At the end, you'll be presented with the final page that's tailored to your specific problem and OS.

Here's a quick shortcut for the majority of problems people are having on Windows XP:

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You could probably just add them, but it's odd that they're not in your theme as they're pretty basic elements. I noticed you're looking at the post.php file, but your single blog posts should be using the single.php file. Check there instead.

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It shouldn't matter, but there's no reason to put it at the front.

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If you want it so bad, make an offer. :) Also, the .NET and .ORG versions are for sale. And the .ME version is still available for registration.

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Because it always seems that for every 1 person that actually knows how to properly jailbreak and customize a phone, there are about 100 more that will screw it up. However, today I'd probably retract that statement only because jailbreaking has become much easier to do.

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Burning $400 at Starbucks is easy if you\'re a coffee drinker. The part that kind of goes to waste is the $50 spent on the card itself.

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That is very true, but while Apple's store is reaching 400 thousand apps, Android's is getting to about 100 thousand. Of course it's possible they'll catch up and we all know that a lot of these apps are nothing more than clever clones or outright duplicates, but if the size of the app store is a dealbreaker for you, then iPad wins this one.

By the way, here's a site that compares the two store in more detail: