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Yes, I see your point. I just think that the internet probably intensified this problem, much as TV did in the 60s, and radio did in the... what, 20s?

The invention itself is not really the problem, but it sure allows big problems to become even bigger very easily. The internet has become such a lifeline to many of us that it has near-constant access to us. The TV is not typically going to turn on in the night to alert you to the latest happenings, but your daughter may have her Facebook alerts turned on her phone 24/7 and be receiving the same sort of info the moment it's posted. Because of this, I think McDowell is probably just seeing the danger in it.

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Is it Cinemax, or is it the adult film industry? Pornography would be there regardless, but the ease with which we can now access it on our own TVs, phones, and computers, and in total privacy, is making the problem increasingly worse.

So, both, I think.

Does it make the internet or TV bad? Not necessarily. It definitely makes it dangerous, though. So, I see McDowell's point.

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As a middle school teacher and youth worker, I see where he's coming from. Especially once kids get their cell phones and facebook pages, popular culture has access to them 24/7. Even "good" little girls "like" Katy Perry and "follow" Rihanna. Ads and updates glorifying skin, money, and plastic flash before their eyes constantly, and alerts ring through on their phones from their "friends" with videos and pictures and updates that are constantly pulling them toward a materialistic, ungodly way of life. It's easy, it's streaming, and it's right there in their back pocket at all times. It doesn't have to be heated debates between atheists and believers, because many Christian teenagers don't care to get all that involved in reading that stuff. It's more about the little stuff that pops up in their news feeds.

Is the internet "the biggest threat" to Christians? No. Satan is, as he always has been. He's just using the latest technology to distract us, and I think he's doing a pretty good job of it, as usual.

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Oh yeah, I totally re-scoot. But, you have to do it all sneaky-like, waiting until after you stand for a prayer or a song or something. You slowly inch your way over as you're standing, and then you sit even farther away. Works beautifully. :)

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Haha yep! And it was such a small school, there was no chanting for anything. No teams or sports. That was about 15 years ago or so, so I'm not sure what's going on with them now.

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I once attended a private school called "Preach Unto Them: Jesus Christian Church and School."

And that's precisely where they placed their colon. No idea why.

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I save them up and post them on Duane Scott's Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays blog carnival!
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Summer memories! I watched The Little Mermaid constantly! I loved to play in the sprinklers in my bathing suit. And Cowboys and Indians on our bikes; we'd tie jump ropes around the handle bars to transform our bikes into horses with reins! Oh, and little blond highlights from the sun and chlorine, and REALLY dark freckles for months! Summer. :D

As for dogs, we had a Maltese growing up. Very, very good natured, very smart, great with kids, no shedding. They actually have hair instead of fur, so that makes them silky soft! Only thing -- grooming stinks. We always had ours buzz cut! But she was adorable, and faithful until the last beat of her little heart. I still dream about her; she was the best dog ever in the world.
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Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm sure it took a lot of courage. Blessings.
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Low blow!

I still think it's dumb.