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Hell yeah it's worth it. But you have to be ready for it. I'd never imagine doing Disney as an impromptu thing. Heck I have even looked at annual passes. That place is magical. I totally fall for it. We love the rides. And we always bring swimsuits or something similar if it rains. It really does always rain in Florida in the summer. You can totally count on that. But seriously, think about it. You spend how much money for a special occasion? A birthday? A graduation? A new baby? Taking the whole family to a place like that and just letting go and having fun is priceless. Wait until you take your grandkids. It'll all come back to you. Hopefully we are going in a few weeks and I know it's going to be a blast rain or shine.

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All I know is that i don't want to ever have to retire or not. I just want financial independence as soon as possible so I can work and not as I please.

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Awwww when Mom knows, Mom KNOWS. Well done!

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March started off ok and then it ended in a craptastic storm of crappity crap that is leaking into April. And maybe May. Who knows?

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My gut says the husband got pissed.

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Oh I hate it when things get frantic like that. Absolutely hate it. Hope it all settles down real soon for you.

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I would do a project. I don't know how often you upload your photos to a photo-printing site, like Snapfish, but I would turn that into a bi-monthly thing. And if you prefer to do the large uploads instead of being ruthless and choosing your favorites, I would also spend a few minutes choosing your absolute favorites and marking them in some way. Once a year, I would order prints of your absolute favorites. You can store them in a small photo album that's just the right size or you can make them into a photobook instead of getting prints. Another thing to think about is printing and hanging framed copies of your favorite photos. Don't put it off, whatever you decide, just take it on one project at a time.

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Oh wow Congrats!!

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That explains it! DUH!!

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I am beyond due for a massage and I've had a gift certificate for one for almost a year!! I think it expires next month so the pressure is on.