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I live in Philly. On open house night administration told us the hours that there was a nurse at the school - so my daughter has one part time. But, I was thinking what good is knowing the hours ... so you know when to get sick or really hurt? I knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later ... and I'm disgusted.

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And what makes him think atheists are unhappy and miserable?

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Wow - an elected official provides things that the people actually want rather than what his corporate sponsors want ...

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Hi David - I read about this yesterday and was stunned. I'm glad Starbucks has responded so quickly - I would like to read about the outcome if you find out more about this.

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I usually use the petition tool at I was a little surprised that this one wasn't on the list. Still, excellent resource - thanks!

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Thanks for the link! And your Facebook page looks great - the images make it so much more visually appealing than text would.

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I love quinoa. I cook a bunch of it in the morning before it gets too hot and then use it in salads and other dishes. It's a little cooler today so I think I'm going to make stuffed peppers with quinoa and melted cheese on top.

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Wow! And I can't believe you emailed me through all of that.

Most people I know get travel insurance when traveling out of the country but I never thought it would be necessary when in the country.

Happy 36 years - and how lucky you are to have each other :-)

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"So, that means you love each other!" Adorable.

A little girl in my daughter's class has two dads and she has it more together than all the other kids. She's sweet, smart and so patient and helpful with younger children.