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love you friend.

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i LOVE seeing all their eyes! The boys and I have blue eyes too. Cortney's are hazel.

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It was hard to choose which mess to take a photo of for this one...ha! Also Charlie has that beanie baby cat. He named it Meow. :)

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oh yes! Our summer looks like this too! I love it!

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I like yo bell-eh :)

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I am SO a make-ahead person! I know this is the technique I will take when I have to make lunches starting next year!

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Ah, I can't use K-cups, so I can't enter...BUT I am a coffee nut. I have 2 cups each morning and if I am feeling extra needy, I will treat myself to a very big Starbucksy treat in the afternoon :)

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My students come back the day after Labor Day, but I go back Tue the 27th. I have 2 and a half weeks left and it doesn't seem long enough!! I agree, this summer's weather has been SO weird. We have spent way more days inside during July than I would have liked which makes the fact that August is in full effect surreal.

Sigh. Why does time go so dang fast?

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This post makes me smile. I LOVE dating my husband and really REALLY wish we dated more often. We should do a once a month thing too. What a great idea!

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What a beautifully powerful post, Greta! I think it is amazing that they share a birthday.