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Great job. My treadmill and I have been rekindling our relationship for the past week or so. Hope we last this time.

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I think I love you! This is the best vlog I've ever seen!

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Go Izzy! Your baby is growing up seems like all baby's do that. My oldest is 8 and I remember her birth like it was last month. Take lots of pictures because before you know it, she'll be graduating high school!

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What an awesome story...and a fantastic testiment of your faith in God.

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I never thought anyone could speak intelligently or interestingly about pornography. But this was a great read.

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I think your blog is absolutely hilarious. And I LOVE BlogDog! If you have a little fridge baby, I'll through you a baby shower! Keep Posting.

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I'm a teacher and one of my students parents is following me on twitter! WTH? When I found this out it made me very uncomfortable. But i didn't want to block her because that might have created tension. I really don't want her following me.

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Great play by plbay. Anika Noni Rose looks beautiful. I'm not feeling Lee Daniels mustache, though.