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Living gives us all the stories that need to be told.
Silence. Rest. Change. Time. These all bring life.
And stories.
And words.

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"Love Leadership" by John Hope Bryant. It flips the script on traditional management and leadership while telling an amazing story at the same time. Fantastic book all around for anyone - we all are leaders in some form or another...

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Love the concept and topic! Can't wait to read it!

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Grandma was a crier. Sobber actually. One of those loud, unincumbered, kinds of sobbers. Dad followed that game plan. I've managed to elude that. However, sometimes, this odd liquid leaks from my eyes when something moves me.

Someone went out of their way in a large work meeting to say some very kind things about me and the work I was doing. That's the first time in a very looooong career that someone did that. Possibly the first time ever. My face was wet.

Ok, I cried. It moved me. I was a mess.

That kindness inspired me to do the same for others when I have a chance.

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"I grew up wearing a loin cloth and river bathing." This. Is. Awesome.
Concept reminds me a little of the old Chris Farley interview bit on SNL.
Soooooooooooooooo funny!

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This clip got a hold of me too. Fantastic questions to give serious thought to. Really liked the part where he talks about people leaving this church or that church for "weird" reasons. Powerful message all the way around.
My recent post “i want my life to fit in this book…”

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No joke: Last movie we saw was "Secretariat" this past weekend. Loved it! Wrote about it! Side note, also not a joke: "Braveheart" was the movie my wife and I saw in theaters on our first date! I'm pretty much a fan.

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I'm on my 3rd career in basically 3 years. Not.My.Choice. The hand of God is big. God used those transitions to completely change my life. Too long to note as a reply... but God is...good. How I can help...?

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1) Love Leadership by John Hope Bryant. Fantastic look at leadership from a different perspective. I really think he's on to something powerful. 2) Plan B by Pete Wilson. I'm kind of a train wreck in rehab so this rings my bell too. 3) The Jesus You Can't Ignore by John MacArthur. Just started it as part of the BookSneeze program. Looks great.

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hahaha... I knew exactly what you meant. It's just that I'm the one in the family most interested in people watching. Since not everyone shares the fascination it gets dubbed...and staring at everyone. (I should have clarified.) As you point out though, the contrasts that can be seen are truly incredible.