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Hi, I'm the writer of "Top 10 Ultimate Rivalries", and this list was a pleasant surprise. I gotta say, this one's a great idea for a rivalry list, I wish I had come up with it! :D Good job, Mike!

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I find it rather funny that, for practically every single item on the list, you could blame plain, simple, good old-fashioned HORRIBLE PARENTING, instead of "video game addiction" like the media loves to do.

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Honorable mention: "Where is Waldo?" :P

(Fascinating list BTW!)

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Very funny stuff! Working on a casino may sound cool, but I don't envy that job anymore after reading this...

I really don't mind that it's based on personal experience. If people who are complaining about this are able to write a list that's funny and interesting like this list, then by all means, go for it!

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What about the Burger King? That's one disturbing fella with a crown... XD

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Great list.

Except that the Bas-Lag books are anything but underrated. They're extremely popular. They've won two Arthur C. Clarke awards, two British Fantasy Awards, a Locus Award, and they have been nominated for the Hugo, the Nebula, and the World Fantasy awards multiple times.

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Scientific Revolution FTW!!!

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I pretty much agree with the top three choices, although Band Of Brothers is my personal favorite.

Speaking of which, I haven't seen The Pacific yet. I hope it's as good as its predecessor...

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I've heard the Devil himself is a darn good violinist too...

... well, at least when he goes down to Georgia.

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Good news everyone! Sandman is being adapted ... as a TV show!

(which IMO is better than a movie because of the great length and complexity of the series.)