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Thanks for sharing and being REAL with us. I did not pick up on that yesterday while you were at our campus. He is so FAITHFUL even when we are not as faithful to Him. My dad always told me to not live by my feelings, but sometimes it is so hard not to. Thanks for sharing. Glad you were able to Worship!

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Praying for you today......maybe you need to BE absent from the "routine" for a period of time this week in order to BE with HIM......just a thot! Thanks for leading by sharing. Love serving with and for you!

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If a man can chime in.....I am a Martha, but for me to be the best Martha I can be, I need to be more of Mary.....This is one of my favorite passages in the Scriptures - probably because this is an area where I struggle - not choosing to be a Mary enough. She chose what was best that day. She sat at Jesus' feet. Personally, I think she was "Being with God"......I get too busy "Doing for God" (Martha), that I chose too often to not spend time Being with God. I find that when I am running and doing on my own energy, I end up many times being a frustrated Martha and not at my best.