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How lucky to have such a fabulous club. Yay E! Yay, uh, polyester!

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I look forward to showing you around. Please come soon.

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Robin, I'm fairly certain the first time I ever went to Canada was on foot, with you and your mom and a note from my mother. I feel like I should be about a hundred years old for how much that could never happen today, and for how lucky I feel that it was possible in the good ole days.

There's a secret (as far as I'm concerned) little waterfall nearish my parents' house I long to take Owen to one day. I hope it's as special as your outing was with your girls.

PS The colour of the oxygenated river is similar to the colour of glacial lakes. The kind that blew my mind when I camped beside them a few years ago in northern BC. I guess that jaunt across the border with you planted the seed of Canada in me.

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It's not as easy when it's only ONE partner who doesn't like the phone. (That would be me.) Greg's happy to answer it at any time, and he immediately checks waiting messages when we have them (the phone blinks when we have voice mail. Shiny!). I, on the other hand, avoided getting caller ID until only a few months ago, because I hate answering the phone and didn't want to have the option to screen – I just wanted not to answer when I didn't feel like it. Now I totally avoid calls from whomever I want, which makes me feel simultaneously GUILTY and EFFICIENT.

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I haven't seen any of Caprica yet, but we're making our way through Carnivale. Which is pretty awesome. But every time I see the preacher or there's some mention of "the management", I remember Ron D. Moore, take a few breaths, and force myself not to get annoyed by the repetition. (Note: Carnivale is visually stunning, and worth watching even just for what it looks like.)