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I unlocked Gmail 2.3.5. Pure messenger widget can read Gmail 2.3.5 (modded) if you follow 'solution 3' ... http://bit.ly/ph4T0a

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Pure calendar widget is now scrollable with 'LauncherPro' et 'ADW Launcher'

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I have the same visibility problem with one of my applications : Pure messenger widget.
Impossible to find it with market search... but it works by QR code ...
A Market bug tracker would be really great, I agree, there is too much problem with Google Market.
When they are huge, Google react, if not, they pass...
The list is long:
- invalid credit card,
- invalid curency (some credit cards cannot be charged with euros, so the purchase is blocked by Google without any information for the user)
- invisibility of copy protected apps with custom ROM (or even Froyo),
- no web search,
- no possibility for devs to answer market comments ...
and now, fully invisible apps.

Selling apps is a job for some devs (like me), download drops costs A LOT for those devs !

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I think a good policy would be 1 year support on new ROMS (so 1 or 2 updates)

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As usual, Google Copy Protection for Android applications is a part of the problem.
Pure calendar, as copy protected app, is not visible with Froyo...
This copy protection is really faulty. Google needs to improve it.

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For calendar and tasks, there is also 'Pure calendar widget' which is beautiful and you can customize it :)