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Thank so much for recognizing so many great friends and heroes of mine, Mindtouch. I appreciate the attention you bring to our collective work to drive customer centricity into the core of corporate culture. It's an honor to be included alongside so many I admire. Very grateful. - Tristan

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This is a fantastic post, Mike. I especially enjoy the reminder that "appreciating and valuing another person builds trust." Gratitude, expressed, is among the best ways to build connection.

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Thanks much, Mark!

I'm honored to be listed alongside Robert and the five other evangelists. (RJ and I are already friends, but I'm now following all of the others - I know will learn rapidly from each.)

It's true: I am quite proud to work at Symantec. SYMC has been honored as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies," which means a great deal to me. Specifically, I admire the contributions we make toward protecting families:

Thank you for honoring Symantec by including me here!

Tristan Bishop

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Dear Mark TechComm,

I'm so glad you've taken the time to share this with me. Like you, I have a personal and burning commitment to our shared customers, and I'm determined to give them the absolute best! I'm thrilled to know I have yet another like-minded partner in that quest.

I am certain that customers are increasingly using text-based methods to communicate. (Even my mother has started communicating with me via SMS!) And the data backs up your claims. Text-based support channels have been gaining share every year. Self-service support is a huge part of that and your content is the key to winning. I've read our content and believe you and your team have some of the strongest writing skills in our organization.

In addition, the way social media has taken  off, we really do have untapped uses for your considerable skill and passions. I like your idea of building community. If we can leverage the documentation to create brand advocates, we'll really be on to something.

I'd like to hear your ideas in person. As you have opportunity, please book a slot on my Calendar. I'm specifically interested in your thoughts on how we can increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer care expenses (or at least redeploy savings to higher-impact activities). Any industry data you have is welcome, as well as examples of competitors that we should examine.

I believe that authentic leaders lead from WHO they are, not WHERE they sit. That's why impressed with your vision and gumption. I look forward to a powerful partnership on behalf of our customers.

Your partner, leader, follower and teammate,

Mark's CEO

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Hi Mark,

You are a bold man and I admire your passion for the issue, even if I don't agree with every conclusion.

In defense of my technical writing peers, I truly don't think documentation quality is the root issue. "Poor documentation" would describe content that is unclear, ambiguous and unhelpful. I feel that today's techcomm content is usually of excellent quality.

That said, I'm in total agreement that we now rely on obsolete delivery channels. Even if branded content is superb, when customers can't find it, they quickly choose user-generated content instead. The tragedies of ineffective content delivery channels are severe: customers become frustrated, the brand loses touch point opportunities and technical writers gradually lose professional relevance.

I was struck by the comment that no one is reading the "appalling documentation site." I suggest that said "documentation site" rarely exists at all. Much like the airline example from your LavaCon presentation, corporate web real estate is controlled by competing constituencies. Documentation is seldom viewed worthy of prominent presentation.

So I would say, perhaps the rebuke should be - "Why on earth isn't your brand offering a usable documentation site?" I think you're right to be pushing this point, and encourage you to continue to make the case, as high up in corporate hierarchies as possible.

Customers truly want to read compelling effective content. We have to persevere until we "Make it So"


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Great stuff, Mark! And you're most welcome. Thanks for posting these awesome visuals.

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Thank you Mike. It is true that attention often goes to those with volume, rather than those with vision. After prolonged exposure to ego-driven edicts, many minds now link “leadership” with selfish ambition. In truth, the drive to BECOME somebody is the polar opposite of the heart to SERVE someone. A true leader is the latter. I accept your challenge, and will make every effort to clarify the difference.

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Thanks for putting this together, Mark. I appreciate all of your research and analysis. I look forward to studying it carefully!

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Thanks for sharing this video on smart phone trends and user characteristics. It was a terrific reminder that the future of computing is moving farther and farther from the desk. I myself am looking into ways to integrate product content and support topics into mobile channels. Customers are going to want their answers wherever they happen to be when they have a question.

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This is just too good. I feel like a kid at his Birthday party who opened the Lego set he wanted and now simply HAS to go build it, abandoning the cake and the rest of the gifts. If I go silent for few days, it's because I'm studying your giant diagram.