The King of Wrong

The King of Wrong


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Remember your Cornford: "By observing this procedure we shall emphasise the fact that there is no connection whatever between my supporting your Job and your supporting mine. This absence of connection is the essential feature of Squaring."


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The only chance communism has is if people don't remember the history of how catastrophically it has failed wherever and whenever it's been tried. Then, in the words of Santayana, we'll be "condemned to repeat" that history.

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The 'human microphone' thing struck me as the most pernicious lie about the whole Occupy farce... Particularly given that the leader-but-not-really in Atlanta quite clearly has a bullhorn.

Of course, there's a limit to what you can make people do, even with cult techniques and all the NLP and hypnosis you can shake a stick at. Society will survive this cancer... but get ready for something like the Weather Underground again.

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If that's the movie reference I think it is, didn't they ride the guy out of town on a rail just after that?

An important historical lesson...

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If only they could... that would void all government (i.e. military) contracts with Boeing and the new company, through union/NLRB/Obama machinations, would almost certainly not be allowed to tender for the new ones as punishment.

No, Boeing has to stay in WA until the parasites have bled them dry. It won't take long. Commercial airlines are already flocking to Airbus instead.

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Hotel California is probably more apt: "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"

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"shall not be questioned" - so asking where the interest on your T-bills is, or downgrading the US' credit rating, is an act of Treason and Sedition. Simple ;-)

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Something else that will stop: paychecks to government workers.

You want to reduce the size of the government payroll? See how many vote with their feet when the cash stops flowing...

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Interesting article, and I certainly agree with the point raised, but I think you could go a bit deeper than just comparing the means.

For example, (from the same data), the highest tax-to-GDP ratio on record is 20.9% (1944), and it has only been above 20% in three years: 2000, 1944 and 1945... The (real and proposed) outlays from 2009 out through 2016 are all a significantly bigger share of the GDP than has *ever* been collected in taxes.

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So? UK law has no jurisdiction over a US company in the US. What are they going to do? Insist that all ISPs block

All it will succeed in doing is causing Twitter, Inc to cancel its plans for a London office, driving away much-needed inward investment. Good job.