Kindness On Her Tongue

Kindness On Her Tongue


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12 years ago @ Home Ec 101 - Mysterious Fly Invasions · 2 replies · +1 points

We had a PLAGUE of flies last winter. Hundreds. I was literally vacuuming them off of the windows. We had a carcass removal service check everywhere, we had a plumber check for sewage leaks - nothing. Then I remembered reading that flies are attracted to gas leaks. I called the gas company and it turned out that we had a MAJOR gas leak where the gas line was coming into the fireplace. The kind of leak that had someone lit a match outside on our deck (thankfully we weren't grilling since it was February), KABOOM! As soon as he turned that gas line off, the flies disappeared. Those little stinkers saved our lives.

12 years ago @ Home Ec 101 - How to Clean Corian · 0 replies · +1 points

I use a green scrubbie pad with dish soap and it usually does a fabulous job in my Corian sink. Every once in a while (ie: after the disposal backs up with tomato sauce and makes the sink orange) I use the Clorox gel cleaner with a green scrubbie (per manufacturer) and that gets it looking brand spanking new.