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i think i need to find an organic farm so i can try some of this good beef!!!

and i'm in that boat myself today - what to wear to work that is clean because i desperately need to do laundry. don't feel least you have kids and a book deal as an excuse for not doing laundry - i'm kidless and just lazy :)

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The shoes make sense but I am really surprised at the BOSU. I know the BOSU kicks my butt, so despite science, I will most likely stick with it. It's not something I use every day (or even every week) mostly because I suck at balance. When I was using the BOSU often, my balance improved and from all the cursing and grimacing I was doing, I know I was working hard.

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I always have wanted to try this out, but I feel like it's one that you have to be already in shape for already...or at least small enough to have a chance at holding up your own body weight? But it does look like a cool workout, I'll have to figure out if they have anything like that around my neck of the woods.

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I love the idea of a nice wedding seating chart for my September wedding :)

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Wow, this is so insane that 14 inches of rain created such massive floods :( Hope you and yours stays safe through this emergency and thanks for making us aware of the need in TN and how we can help.

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omg if there was a pill instead of food - i'd do it in a heartbeat. i'm also very tired of dealing with food issues. i'm actually doing really really good right now handling mine...but i think the downside of doing good is that i'm constantly waiting for the shoe to drop and things to go bad. doing good is scarier than doing bad because i never feel that it's permanent.

as far as daughters - the best we can do is tell them that we do it for health, not mentioning size or weight. i think that this is a valid reason for living healthy and you don't need to even mention the things that are the crazy makers. If I have a daughter, i want to instill in her to eat healthy but have treats in moderation and to exercise by playing hard.

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It's Big Boy! A sign of my youth growing up in Michigan.

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Men care, it's just a different type of care. It's not as open as women, because we are "supposed" to want to be skinny, but it's there. I know plenty of guys who are my close friends who talk about wanting to get in shape, lose weight, and eat healthier. I suspect the difference is that we girls will tell everybody while guys only talk about it to people they are super close too.