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These look delicious! Can't wait to try them with my little sous chef. :)

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Brilliant, I love this!

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Love this idea! My son hates zucchini unless it is (a) raw and cut into french fry shaped pieces or (b) made into faux crab cakes. This looks close enough to the zucch-cakes that I could have success with these too.

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We don't have any street food options where I live, BUT I would love to have a mobile taco stand in my husband and I, in our future dream retirement life, will own a taco stand called 'satan gave me a taco' and we will drive around in the streets blasting mid 90's alt rock and selling delicious tortillas stuffed with culinary delights.

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Interesting! I've never seen potato as a taco filling before, I'll have to try it. We do lentil tacos if we want to go the vegetarian route.