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SOOOOO proud of T too!!!!!
(so much so that im hiring her to get me back into shape...i think she knows this.). LOL.

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it is. but it's often used as an excuse i find.

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for a good reason. they lost to the browns. yes..they have been good this year..but they are still..the browns.

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qb's and rebels do seem to end up there.
hmm...wonder if TO will end up there as his last stop.
the Batman/Robin experiment didnt work out so well.

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Nick.. i def understand what you are talking about. being a PhD in long distance relationships, I've had many a steamy phone chex session. and then..there's the reality of being alone with no one to cuddle and kick into the wet spot. the importance of the pre-game and post-game show.

i think there also this misconception that masterbation is only insertion of items (fill-in-the-blank) masterbation is pleasing yourself by any means necessary. malcolm. find what's good for you. i know i can..umm.arrive without even touching my vjj. two words: kegel muscles. (which is a double bonus for actually doing the do). win-win!!!

it's been a while since i've had a drink of water, and while im starting to get de-hydrated and hallucinate a lil bit, i only take small sips every now and then when im craving or just plain bored.
(thank god for free p*rn! pon di internets!).

so my verdict? a hung jury. pun intended.

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i used to blog on a sports site, before blogging became more popular. i developed a fan club. i eventually ended up with an e-boo. which lead to a ld thing (me toronto, him florida).
this post is def onpoint, there are pros and cons to the e-boo thing. . but it's important not to get lost in it.
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*weeps after reading this for the second time today. looks for kleenex.

this whole post was amazing. and something i would love to do, but fear stops me.
why fear? because it would force me to submit to the fact that i am truly not in control of having the thing i crave the most right now (besides ice cream and winning the lotto).

i did a vision board, and what was great was seeing how it came together. but it's still something i hide because in my heart, im truly not ready to take the steps towards getting the life that i want.

in the end, i try to keep my ears, eyes and heart open. i hold summits and fireside chats with God in hopes that on his long list of priorities, that he'll hear me.

i wish it wasn't something i want so much. but alas...
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final 2.5 cents, it's clear that there is a desire and need for media sources that aren't controlled by the same hands (aka money). the bias is sometimes just too obvious. it's why tmz and twitter are now reliable resources for information. which is good and sad all at once.

if you have critics (and haters), you must be doing something right!

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i'm one of your female readers that rolls eyes and cringes at the 'models' and kimmy k pics as well as the blurring of the lines between BSO and your other endeavours. but it's slightly hypocritical of TBL to mention that when SI's biggest selling issue is the swimsuit edition and um..the last few ones there havent been any swimming or suits. sports will always be male dominated, you have to cater to the majority of your audience - so i will just have to suck it up and secretly fantasize about what's under the helmet and shorts!

at the end of the day - what i respect is that you make an effort to keep integrity in your sports stories. im sure that is hard because we now live in an ADD/IM/24-7 world where it's not about being right, it's about being first. (and where any dude with internet access/library card and the ability to type can go on a message board and spew bullhst - i truly dont know why i torture myself sometimes).