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Didn't mean to insult anyone, Chimoi...I was merely speaking from my own personal experience, as a former pot smoker and an observer.

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Hiding the college records? Probably because they will destroy the lamestream media's claim that he is "so very intelligent". Chronic pot smokers rarely put out much in the way of intelligence.

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People may be buying guns, but I am hearing of shortages of ammunition, even in my local area.

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Go Pat Caddell! I like this guy!

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Hmmm....looks like the tactic of "patience and deception" (Islam) may be doing its work on those others who also seek to take over the country by "patience and deception", mainly those of the Saul Alinsky and communist bent and Socialist Party adherents (which includes those who use other names). It could be a fitting end. A man reaps what he sows...

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This does seem rather strange that she is voluntarily resigning over a secret email account?...perhaps she just got a much better offer. This administration does not seem to be bothered by such "trivial"(in their opinion), secretive, and illegal matters such as this. There are so many more bigger matters that are simply brushed aside, "nothing to see here"...such as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, with illegal gunrunning killing American citizens, etc. The crimes in this administration are piling up...be sure they will be paid for...if not in this life, surely the next.

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And they will act quickly to implement their radical, socialist, USA-destroying agenda...hang onto your hats and everything else too.

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That's the first thing I thought of...they can register to vote when they get their driver's licenses. It is definitely a redirect in that direction. The Left is incredibly obvious.

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What's interesting is how lonnngggg these things are held close to the vest. Apparently the affair was so old it was long over....I guess it's considered politically savvy to save the knowledge of the transgressions until it is politically expedient to release them (and this one for which a court martial is usually called..hmmm)....same thing with the video released months ago...but it makes such an excellent "fall" for what happened in Benghazi. Before that, it had no notoriety...no one noticed...gotta love people who know how to collect stuff on people and save it for the right time. O must have a research team that spans no other.

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Yes, wait a minute! Er, I think that has already happened....