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Whee! Bad Monday is now Awesome Monday! *does a happy dance for Tor goodness*

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Agreed with jmanni32. A little polishing and that'd be a whopper of a first line.

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Not huge goals. Finish the current book (revisions), write one or two more (although there's a half draft already done, so it'll likely be two), then have at least two of said books making the agent rounds. Hopefully my perfect agent will come along. But I'll take a nice rejection too.

As for books (I'm a sucker for contests ^_^) - how about Incarceron by Catherine Fisher?

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1: Music. Quiet really grates on me the way loud music grates on other people. Silence is pure torture. My ears need to be entertained otherwise I get distracted by every little sound going on around me.

2. A full screen editor: I'm easily distracted. So if I see Firefox or TweetDeck in the background, I'm more likely to go clicking around on them rather than working. So the fullscreen editor in Scrivener (and on Q10 for my laptop) is a God send. No distractions means more work actually gets done.

3. Something to drink: It's my little ritual to make myself a huge glass of ice tea. Don't know exactly why, but it sends a little subliminal message to my brain that it is time to get to work. Not to mention staying hydrated helps with staying focuses.

4. Breaks: No one likes eyestrain. Since I only have one sighted eye, it goes double for me. I have to get up every 45 minutes or so to make sure my vision doesn't go all foggy. Plus it's good to stretch your legs every so often.

5. A hoodie: Mostly because I love that hoodie. I don't do much of anything without it.