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Thank the Irish as well please ---- http://justmeint.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/thank-g...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to announce a new facet of one stop shopping.

Gone are the days when a doctor will advise you to make life style changes to improve your health, instead you will be able to order your Lipitor with a side of Burger and Fries!

Talk about a new marketing ploy! Drug reps will now be spending time at your favourite fast food chains and take-away stores, pushing their ‘quick fix’ drugs to medically uneducated burger ‘flippers’ and salt shaker fillers.

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Today the World Health Organization announced that the Swine Flu Pandemic that was going to kill zillions of unsuspecting, non- vaccinated people around the world – had fizzled out! But don't be too complacent they are still going to vaccinate you against it! Like it or not!

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Julia is OUR AUSSIE ‘Obama’ Mamma!

This woman is a real looney! Obviously she has a secret money printing organsaition, hidden from public view. Whatever happened to her party line about getting us out of debt ASAP? while all she is doing is proposing to spend spend spend!!!! She is offering all kinds of incentives to get the vote! Arghhhh she of all people should know – after all she advertises her hard working family background, that there are people in Australia who just cannot afford new cars, and struggle to keep what they have roadworthy and registered.

We are pensioners, we are single parents, we are family people just making ends meet from pay to pay…. her ‘bright’ (NOT) scheme is out of the reach of ordinary people. Politicians on the other hand can afford it!!!!

Get real Julia…. there is a Santa Claus, but it ain't YOU! and there is no AGW !

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so they now have capped the well...... And if the caps holds and the cleanup can really get underway ... what then? You really trust BP to tell the truth about the real devastation?

It is reported that scientists are being offered $250.00 per hour by BP, if they will simply sign on the dotted line, and keep silent about their work and findings for at least the next three years. Traitor? such a strong word "Judas" .... you choose....

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We seem to have come to a fork in the road people. How is this going to affect you and your loved ones, and which path will you take?

Decisions will have to be made. Is Christ your Lord and Saviour?

Is the United Nations your lord who must be obeyed?

What will you teach your children about all of this? They are not too young to have it explained to them – or will you simply leave it to their school educators and the news media to corrupt their delicate minds and souls?

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Did you actually read the link http://www.successandfailure.net/blog/2010/07/02/...
and see that I was not simply 'victimising' Ms. Gillard?

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you ask a very easy question to answer: God in infinite love is terribly saddened that Ms. Gillard has turned away and denied Him...... He will always be there - available should/when Ms. Gillard turns (returns) to Him in love and sorrow seeking repentence.

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New Christian Blog..... come for a visit and say HELLO

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If you deny me in front of men.... I will deny you to my Father.......

Julia needs to go back to her roots....