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I liked it, but not quite enough to gush over it. It felt to me like the first act was a little flat: Their response to realizing that they were ripping off the plot of 'The Blues Brothers' seemed to be to get the set-up over and done with as quickly as possible because they knew it was a lazy plot. "Oh, hi, I'm the bad guy and I plan to take over the Muppet Theater." "Let's get everyone back together!" "That'll take too long, let's do it in a montage." "Okay, we're back together." There's economic storytelling, and there's perfunctory and obligatory plot sequences, and a lot of the first act felt more like the latter than the former.

That said, the telethon itself was great, precisely because it tried to be a modern updating of the Muppet Show. Modern songs, modern celebrities, but the same sensibilities and corny, surreal, twisted humor. It was excellent stuff, and clearly a model for where they could go with a Muppet revival. (Which would, yes, be the fourth iteration of a Muppet variety show after 'The Muppet Show', 'The Jim Henson Hour', and 'Muppets Tonight'. So what?)

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I'm of the opinion that the reboot is just the latest of DC's laughably inept attempts to avoid actually sitting their asses down and coming up with interesting stories, but then again, I've stopped reading anything but the "Showcase Presents" volumes years ago. :)

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There's a pretty good Doctor Who audio play with the Sixth Doctor called "The One Doctor" that features a con man who impersonates the Doctor. His scam is faking an alien invasion, foiling it, then accepting the gifts of a grateful populace. Unfortunately, since the Doctor is such a legend, accounts are garbled, and his mock-TARDIS is a port-a-pottie. (And yes, it dematerializes with a flushing noise.)

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I'm not actually guaranteeing that I'd buy a T-shirt of Panel Three, because money is a little tight at the moment, but it'd be profoundly tempting.


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See, this right here is proof that you've never watched Doctor Who. Because if you had, you wouldn't even need to ask the question. The Doctor's enemies tend to be entire species, because individuals who face off with the Doctor tend to, um...die. Quickly. :)

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Mark Waid didn't forget about it--when Professor X turned into Onslaught, there was a big scene where Jean found out that part of the reason was the repressed sexual yearnings he'd had for one of his students for all these years boiling over. It wasn't as big as the whole "I ate Magneto's brain and it made me EEEEVIL!" thing, but it was there.

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"...pornography as well as violence can be shocking, entertaining, harmless in the right context and extremely harmful to the young, immature or unstable."

Perhaps pornography actually is harmless, and the reason that the young, immature unstable people seem damaged by it is because they're...oh, I dunno...young, immature and unstable? :)

Correlation is not causation. Just because a guy like Ted Bundy reads porn doesn't mean the porn caused his mental problems.