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"No, I really think what put WCW down was terrible corporate management."

Agreed. I've read both of Russo's books, and Eric Bischoff's book, and it's remarkable to see the similarities between how both of them describe the interference and lack of support that they got when they were each in charge from the Powers That Be @ Turner, once it was bought by Time Warner. And then it just got worse when Time Warner merged with AOL. With the lack of support from the corporate office, no one could have turned WCW around @ the time.

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That picture of "Vanity" is actually Appollonia.

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I just saw this one a friend status, and when I clicked to check it out I saw that it was an app. So I looked this up online before I went any further.

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Frankly, I liked the Office Assistants. Especially Merlin and Hoverbot. I wish I could add them to Office 07.

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I think she has the right to not allow him to be in the delivery room while she is giving birth. Like Damon and Deb said, that can be a very stressful and emotional moment for the woman, which could lead to health problems and complications with the birth. It's certainly understandable, considering the circumstances, why she wouldn't want him there. He can sit in the waiting room and then see the babies afterward.

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Back to the studio, time for that comeback album.

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"Do I Look Legal?"

Maybe if she was wearing that shirt when she first met Kobe, while she was still in high school, he would have had second thoughts. . .

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Well, Ashley Judd happens to be my favorite actress, but in terms of hotness I'd have to but Vanessa Bryant as #1. And you're right about the comparison to Juanita Bryant. She'll stick around until Kobe retires from basketball, and then they'll get divorced within a few years after that..

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I'm thinking that they should do something like The Bachelor/Flavor of Love/Rock of Love/For The Love of Ray J. Get all the team-owners together in a large house, and they all get to go on dates with LeBron, to try to convince him to join their team. @ the end of each episode there's an elimination ceremony, until it's down to the final two team-owners, and then LeBron makes his final choice.

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First I've heard of it. And, heck, even if it were true, neither Gloria James or Delonte West is married, so it's not like they're really doing anything wrong. They're both adults. If they want to get involved, it doesn't matter whether anyone (LeBron included) approves.