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Just reading this myself, Bryan, and finding it a clear and illuminating book. There aren't many surprises if one has read other texts that document the ideologically driven propaganda war against health and environmental risks that dates back to the mid-twentieth century.

It's still disturbing to see the degree to which people who know better will lie and distort information to create doubt. The distortion of the DDT story and the attacks on Rachel Carson are a recent example of how bare-faced this process is, and the way lies ricochet around the conservative networks and get picked up in the mainstream media.

It's a bitter irony that people who trumpet freedom and openness, all those fine values of western democracy, end up using exactly the propagandist tactics that are associated with repressive totalitarian societies.

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Good question, Bryan. I noted that too.
"...a great deal of the supposed consequences of global warming are out and out guesswork and some of them have already proven to be false."

I would like you to detail those big assertions, JamesG.