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That's a nice post! I agree with all your points. I especially hate people who try to get your attention while you're with a customer. That's a turn-off right there.
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OMG! Are those your pets??
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Mine was automatically updated! ;p

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I used to borrow clothes from 2 people only: my sister and best friend. It's no longer the case since they're miles away from me. However, I don't feel comfortable borrowing from other people. So I don't. If I don't have something then I wait till I get it.

You should diplomatically inform Miss Shorty that you don't like lending her your beauty products etc. Especially, lip gloss. Personally, I think using someone else's lipstick/lip gloss is not healthy. I don't do it.

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Love this song! Beautiful beats...

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I like the first two dresses! The thing is, with your skin tone, the second dress will fit you like a charm! Plus, you're blonde too! ;p

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Never been to Milan! It looks gorgeous! My favorite European city is Paris. I just love how they've mixed up modern architecture with old ones. Can't wait to go back!

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Society and religion are to be blamed I guess, for starting the 'trend' of having 2 or 3 kids, a nice house, a nice job and a nice spouse. I used to shy away from commitments before I met the hubster. He's my first long-term 'boyfriend'.

Why people obsessed with finding someone to share our life with? Maybe fear of being lonely in your old age? You want to feel the warmth of another human being next to you...companionship....

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I prefer the black one!

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I would add the Mayan ruins to your list! Lovely. Oh and the Ayers Rock in Australia.