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I did that with Star Wars one summer during middle school. I watched one of the movies each day, then on day 4, I'd watch all 3 in a row. I might take a day off there, but the it was repeat.

Recently my friend wanted to watch it while he was at my house. My other friend and I were playing League of Legends while A New Hope was playing. Without even realizing it, I was subconsciously quoting the entire movie, with timing, inflections, etc. I only realized I was doing it when I got yelled at.

"Boring conversation anyway. LUKE! WE'RE GONNA HAVE COMPANY!"

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that's my philosophy for kidneys too!

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I do agree, Madea is the only thing that makes TP movies worth watching, the rest you can use as... well, TP :p

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It is definitely better to be a Whedon. When you are passionate about something, you put more effort into it. Your fingerprints can be seen all over it. People know that you are going to be making something worth watching, even if theEFE doesn't think so. When I first heard Whedon was directing The Avengers, I think I made a mess in my pants I was so excited...

Being an Abrams can be good because, like you said, you can distance yourself from your failures, but you also have a harder time claiming your successes. I don't get excited when I hear Abrams associated with a film or show, I might give it a shot, but I don't get excited.

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Steve was one of my heroes. Not because of Apple, but because of the life he lived. Apple's old slogan of "Think different" was most exemplified in Steve. I had (and still have) a lot of respect for him. His death hit me pretty hard, a man I admired, respected, and in many ways, modeled my life after is now gone. Here's to you Steve, may we always stay hungry, stay foolish, and think different.