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355 weeks ago @ IFTISEO - Google Removes Authors... · 0 replies · +1 points

I'm one of the many WP guys who use a plugin and rel=author code to link my WP sites to my G+ profile. I doubt I will remove Yoast plugin for page load issues.

367 weeks ago @ SteamFeed - Top Ingredients of an ... · 0 replies · +1 points

It's important to set up, monitor and refine your social listening signals, social mentions and #hashtags. I advocate using color coded Gmail folders with filters set for top performing socials. This way,when someone starts following you on Pinterest or subscribes to your YouTube channel you get an alert and take the appropriate next step. Before I implemented this process, there were too many social connections that fell through the cracks or I didn't notice them as quickly as I would have liked.

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As important and prevalent as Google Authorship has become, even those who are not commercial entities or concerned about generating traffic to their website or social profiles, the impact and influence Google Authorship has when it comes to rendering the best pages for a specific query almost demands that ones uses their vetted credentials to participate in social conversions.
My recent post Content Marketing System Best Practices

372 weeks ago @ - 5 common content curat... · 0 replies · +1 points

An interesting, useful and timely CC article Patricia! My content curation platform of choice has been since its early (beta) days. Looking back, I'm sure I violated some of the 5 missteps you referenced. #1 being the most. Nowadays, I take the extra couple of minutes to personalize the curated piece of content and since gives us a rich text editor to "frame" the piece, the insight added to the shared story makes all the difference in the world! Glad I found your article. It'll serve as a good reference for my clients who want to improve their content marketing tactics moving forward.

498 weeks ago @ StayOnSearch - Rank Higher in Google ... · 1 reply · +2 points

One of the BEST GP Tip Sheet articles I've read in recent weeks, especially #5 and #6. Both of these have made a huge difference in how well and how fast I get my client's GP listing ranked at the top of the SERP's

510 weeks ago @ Imran Sarwar - Is Google+ A Facebook ... · 0 replies · +3 points

not exactly a "must read" article but valid on a few points

510 weeks ago @ Inside the Offervault - Has Google+ Already Be... · 0 replies · +2 points

Nobody bats a 1,000. True, G-Buzz was a bust. G-Wave was a waste and Orkut never got past 1st base. BUT, my hunch is G+ will not only rival FB, but once the G-Engineers get their Huddles and Circles and Spikes and Hangouts tightened up and especially once they pull the trigger on G+ for Business, you watch see how many SERIOUS marketers bail on FB and move their time and money to G+. I for one could give a good rat's butt on if you're checking into the Gap or drinking a latte. Being able to create live video <10 and controlling when my content gets shared and by whom (that I control) will take SMM to a level real IMers desire.

571 weeks ago @ Kyle Lacy, Social Medi... - 25 Reasons Why Your Co... · 0 replies · +1 points

I agree w/ Anelisa - next steps on How to not be boring would be a good follow on piece.

576 weeks ago @ rYnoweb by Chuck Reynolds - Local Search Marketing... · 0 replies · +1 points

Ever since Mashable started touting the 4 Square play, I've been keeping a much close eye on its progress. When Peter said on CNN interview the potential market cap for 4S could hit $50-100 million (with only 700k reg users) and that it could rival Twitter, I thought I might try and get a GymRat badge and I don't even like to pump iron anymore.

We all know that a strong SEO local search marketing strategy is vital to any/all small businesses if they want to be able to compete, hence the formula I chant to the SMBs I work with is; SEO local search + .MOBI + 4S + Twitter + FB = a minimum 4 starters.

This is a good read on the topic from Mashable too;

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I keep reading that Citations are the new Link for local search and that consistency matters quite a bit when populating a new citation. I'd like to see someone compile a List of the Top 10 IYP and the Top Data Directories where a new business listing should list take the time to detail their company profile and the pitfalls for not doing so.