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Super excited to have to y'all here and to get to know you better! have a safe trive see you in a few weeks!

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Love the Blog!

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Great Post! i need to remember this!

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I can but I think that when my ADD kicks in. :) I think this comes from how we grew up.... Remember we could nt do anything "FUN" till the dishes were done kitchen cleaned, everything dusted .... BLAH BLAH BLAH!

You need to learn to walk away some times. :) It will still be there when you go back to hit.

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Awesome Service today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Super Excited to get to serve with you here also :) Your going to ROCK it !

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Im sooo Proud of you and the video freaking Rocks. Your Post has me all fired up again for what this group has really meant to me and the changes in my life it has lead. Im so blessed to walk through life with y'all! Im excited to see where God takes us!

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Ok I love you and forgive you for making me ride my bike of the ramp! I also forgive you for the time you got me to eat white playdough and told me it was white bread balled up :) So very glad we get to do these trips together! I love you and I am so greatful to have an AMAZING sister like you!

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UGH!!!!!!!! We both suck at this! And its making it really hard for me to use my "skills" in my job because of it. Im always thinking 2 steps ahead for the answer or what is next.

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I loved when all of us kids got to go down the street from Nanny's with Didee for the Fireworks. It felt like mom was actually letting us do something fun.