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No, really, you don't. The silliness about "equal outcomes" is just further proof. Nobody on this site, as far as I know, has ever argued in favor of "equal outcomes."

Ditto the bit about getting rid of property rights. But just to play along for a minute, you insist there's no way to abolish property rights without a state, and leftists (of the non-libertarian variety) insist that there's no way to enforce property rights without a state. Who's right? I don't know. But considering the way things have developed to this point, it's not "illogical" at all to figure that property rights as we know them might be unsustainable without the presence of a state.

(The last sentence above is more the left-libertarian position on property, in case you're interested.)

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I feel safer already!

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Where's this unconditional basic income going to come from if not the state; and if it's coming from the state, how is it going to liberate poor people from dependency on the state?

If somebody needs a ride, and he's willing to pay someone else to drive him where he wants to go, it's not really a useless job. Maybe not the most fulfilling occupation imaginable, but better than flipping burgers while wearing a paper hat and being nagged by some petty tyrant manager.

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OK: you're paranoid.

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I guess. I've seen plenty of kerfuffles amongst libertarians about who is and isn't deserving of the label. It seems to go with the political territory.

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Shit, Lawrence O'Donnell is the textbook definition of "establishment liberal." I don't consider myself a progressive, and I don't like the label for a bunch of reasons, but when I hear "progressive" I think Ralph Nader not Barack Obama. When sold-out corporatists hacks like Barry O and Larry O'Donnell apply the term to themselves, it's just a marketing gimmick.

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“I had other priorities in the 60s than military service.”

Yeah, like getting myself into a position where I can send other people to fight in wars for me.

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I'm willing to accept that this might be a small step in the right direction, but I'm not sure what you mean by "returning us to sanity." How far back are we talking here? Seems like there's been no shortage of foreign policy insanity throughout US history.

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The greeters really get me. If there was any chance that the greeter was the person who actually dreamed up the stupid policy, or even the person in charge of implementing it (as opposed to a bored teenager who really couldn't care less), "fuck off" seems like a suitable response.

I had a job bussing tables at Chilis for about a week during college. One of the three (three!) manager-assholes pulled me aside one day and told me that if I ever wanted to have a chance to move up to manager someday, I'd have to hustle more. I thought, "Why? I can see the entire dining room from the corner right over here." I also found it kind of funny that he thought the chance to--maybe, if I played my cards right--become the flair guy from Office Space was supposed to be incentive to work harder.

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