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Yes, Hercule Poirot. Good selection here. Some of my favorites include:

Inspector Morse , Detective Inspector Frost, Inspector Gadget, Kojak, The Bikini Inspector..... I must say that I preferred watching fictional detectives on tv as opposed to reading the books they appeared in.

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I looked at some nature websites and some youtube footage of Jaguars hunting fish and I did find that the Jaguar does use it's paw, but nowhere was there anything about using it's tail as a lure. Again, I am not saying it doesn't happen, but belief without evidence is, well, just that...belief. Not yet fact.

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"in public she pulled off her wig and announced to the world that she was, in fact, a man."-Quote from list item #10.

I wouldn't accept the length of one's hair as definitive proof of their gender. I would make the demand "Pull down your pants!!" And, depending on my findings, I may then exclaim "YUUUUCCCKKK!! Pull them back up!!"

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While I am not saying that the Natives are not correct (eyewitness accounts are a legitimate form of proof, but in the case of the Jaguar bonus item it wouldn't be definitive proof) scientifically recorded evidence (eg video) would convince me to shift this form of hunting by the Jaguar from possibility to fact.

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You just want to do all kinds of nasty and have some demon to blame for it, don't you.

Mark's lady : "OUCH Mark, what the hell? You know I hate that in there!"
Mark: "Oh woops, sorry baby. I was possessed by Popobawa for a moment there."

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With regards to the Jonas fella, I think his idea of what the bible says regarding the moon is a very bamboozaling mis-interpretation of Rev 12:1,2. I would say it was just an excuse to get lots of action in the sack. Also, I wonder if he was the A$%ehole responsible for the Jonas Brothers.

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Blimin heck, that one in number 5 about the US army experimenting biological weapons on the predominantly black areas of Avon park twists my niblitts a bit. No wonder they didn't trust "The Man". Clearly they had good reason not to.

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You are totally right about Liberal and Conservative bloggers. It's as if people think that the ability to blog anonymously means they can switch their brains off.

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What I also don't get is how people here in New Zealand have been suckered in by e-mails from a "Mr Obongo" claiming that your grandma Clarice has died, and he just needs a cheque for $500 to "process" your inheritance.

Silly people.

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When I was at Uni a mate of mine sent me a link to some website where you would get rewards for doing surveys. I was stupid enough to sign up and the next thing you know, my uni email account was getting about 1000 emails a day, offering everything from "free" t-shirts to penis pills. I ignored the "free" t-shirt ones.