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I cracked open the Tonnara Bianco last night. A Sicilian blend.

Sight: Yellow with a bit of viscosity showing

Nose: Citrus notes, peaches, river rock, overall not a real big nose on this one, but I did like what I was getting from it.

Palate: A lot of citrus right up from that transitions to a big mouthful of rocks, not your typical minerality, but a big presence of straight rocky goodness. There is a bit of a spike in an alcohol type flavor just as the wine crosses the mid-palate that quickly goes away as the finish begins. I did taste this wine at near room temperature, so if it was chilled down a bit I bet that spike wouldn't be there. The finish is a decent length with those minerally type flavors carrying through. Overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward to finishing it off this weekend.

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Thanks again for teaming up with the folks at ClubW to host this contest. And a big thank you to said folks at ClubW for sponsoring it. I will be sure to post back here with thoughts on the wines once I crack-a-lack them open!

Oh and the tip on nose positioning when cameras are around is dang helpful too!

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Fun little questionnaire/results. They would be hard pressed for me to say "ugh, no I wouldn't try that!" to much of anything though as I am always looking to try something new. Videos with each wine are a good idea too. Some of the ones that looked interesting were:
2007 Chateau de Mattes-Sabran Dionysus Corbieres
2012 Banyan Creek Gewurztraminer
2009 Domaine de Milliere VDP Vaucluse Rouge

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Very, very cool. Looking forward to this and hope I will be able to join live.

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Wine-loving(needing)-parents are a whole uncategorized demographic just waiting to be tapped...exploit away!

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This post really made me smile, and of course now the words to giving a Moose a muffin are flooding my brain. Sounds like a fun, painful, memorable, and delicious trip.