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While in Boston make sure you check out Harvard. I mean...I've never actually been to Boston or seen Harvard...but I hear its really cool.

You're welcome.

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So maybe our problem with passages like the one you pointed out has more to do with misunderstanding sin and faithfulness? What if sin has more to do with giving ourselves to idols and less to do with breaking rules? What if faithfulness or righteousness has more to do with being enslaved only to God than they do with following a list of do's and don'ts? If that is true than is it possible that Abraham having more than one wife in a polygamy dominated world was not idol worship and therefore separate from questions about his faith? On the other hand having multiply wives in 1st century Rome was worshiping at the idol of lust?

Just a thought.

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As one who follows you from the other side of the country because I learn a lot from what you do, I would appreciate it if you would blog more about what your team has created. How is it different than who you are? What do you find is the most revolutionary thing about it? How do you hope it will change your systems? What is your strategy for implementation? I know some of that you might not be able to share publicly, but please share as much as you can. Thanks!

Also, we are poor and don't have the ability to travel to conferences, so I was overwhelmingly excited to find you guys had put the Both/And conference online. Thank you so much. It was incredibly challenging. I learned a ton from it that applies to my context and ministry life. Please pass a thank you onto whoever was responsible.

You guys are great. Can't wait to hear more.

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Loved your thoughts. Well argued. Thanks.

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I think categories are confusing as well. What does "missional" or "attractional" really mean? It seems like everyone has their own opinions. What I think is clear in your posts is that you feel something needs to change to reach 60% of your community. I find that realization incredibly courageous and I respect the fact that you are challenging the process from a position of success. As you make shifts, are you affraid you will lose who you have?

Francis Chan made statements at the Verge conference along those lines; but the shifts he was refering to seem to be incredibly radical (which I love about his leadership...pure guts). What does both/and look like in your setting? Is it a comprehensive shift in your existing structure, or do you start something new that runs simultaneously?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm wildly currious. If this is to much for blog comments just tell me to "wait and see" and I will stay tuned in.

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Well said Jesse.

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I grew up in ministry watching those that led the way in the attractional model reject irrelevant traditions. Over and over again I heard statements like, "we need to hold onto traditions, rituals, rules, and our stuff with a loose grasp and let it go when it is no longer effective." This arguement was used to toss out the hymnals. It was used to get relevant worship on the stage. It was use to change sermon styles, to reshape the atmosphere of the room, and to remove the pews.

I remember my pastor making the statement to younger leaders, "Sure Sunday school isn't working for the majority of people; but there are still some who want it." That "some" got smaller and smaller until it became tiny enough to ignore.

Why is it now that the attractional model is coming into question, and everyone seems to agree it is loosing its effectiveness more and more, the revolutionaries of the past are holding so tightly to it?

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It's like watching the Office. Funny...but wrong.

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Does anyone know if this video was made for part of one of their services? Is there a deeper point here I'm missing?

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I know it was meant to be humorous, but it makes me feel gross. It's to spot on. I was sad after watching it.