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Let's start by ridding ourselves of the US Dept of Education

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I agree with all of the above which leads me to another point...if a student has an incompetent teacher & is "behind", why are they promoted tot he next grade? When they get to the next grade, why aren't the good teachers screaming at the top of their lungs about how unprepared the students are?
This happens in NO other profession. If a patient is referred to a specialist, the specialist is going to insist their time/talent not be wasted on doing the basic workup that should be done by the primary care provider.
And if the primary care provider doesn't do their job, they will soon get a ''reputation'' they care not to have.
Apparently, the good teachers don't mind having their reputation smeared by the bad ones or they'd do something about it.

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Apparently you didn't read or comprehend the article - the "thesis that teachers' unions are just a conspiracy to keep pedophiles in a job" wasn't the thesis.

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Hmmm, I guess I'm reading this differently than the previous comment makers:
The post begins & ends w/ the subject in the headline, the body of the work deals with portraying why the author is drawing the conclusion he does (Damon is duped), but in reality is using multimedia to portray a message to all of us. That's the kind of writing I like to read, whether I agree or disagree w/ the topic.
The only thing I disagree with is the 10% number of ''bad'' teachers. I find it difficult to believe that 10% can have as devastating an effect on the education system as do.
I also don't get why good teachers don't help get rid of the bad...it certainly doesn't work that way in other professions. Experienced & qualified nurses are well-known to eat their young (who are screw-ups).

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Like: gotta get this book

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Bravo to Allen West: Man enough to stand up for his beliefs/convictions. Where the heck are the rest of them?

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Finally, someone (Hezbollah) is going to deal with the Mexican drug problem...

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Thanks for again pointing out how the ''peaceful'' left is anything but peaceful.

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At least the consumer will now know how much it costs us (at the pump) to elect fools

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SOOOOO Pleased. Enemies must be identified & defined before they are defeated! I think this endeavor will be one of the most instructive & useful series yet & I plan on sharing it on FB for all to see!
Thank you