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The Fakestinians are trespassers on land which is part of the Jewish national homeland and are not entitled to any rights . The fact the Israeli Supreme Court is so incompetent they would take the side of invaders of the Jewish national homeland , shows what traitors they truly are.

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Here is more proof Israel must neutralize the Israeli Jewish left who are in every sense of the word traitors. The lost 630,000 men fighting the American Civil War to achieve true unity in this country. Israel need not go to such extremes. But the leading traitors such as Livni and the poison dwarf Barak as well as Peres should either have "accidental" deaths or imprisoned for at least 20 years to keep them from aiding the international Nazism and the Sand Nazis in their quest to eradicate all Jewish presence in the national Jewish homeland. The Israeli supreme court should also be included . The person who should be "terminated with extreme prejudice " is Livni , who is nothing more than the whore for international Nazism, and Muslim supremacy.

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You don't even know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. You should not have dropped out of High School. All you Jew hating Nazi wannabes blame Jews for being miserable failures in life.

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Clinton is vile prostitute. This is the best the democrats can muster as presidential material , a lying ,vile, immoral worm who allowed 9/11 to occur while he was more interested in being pleasured inside the White House and now the totally incompetent disasterous product of sick white guilt Obamination.

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Israel has never murdered any Palestinians because they are no such people. Are you referring to the trespassers who belong to mafia-like gangs of baby murders? Israel is much too timid. They should evict all of the Fakestinians since they are trespassers. Israel doesn't need the second rate weapons they are forced to buy with what all you Jew haters describe as billions of dollars of US"aid". It leads to incompetent fools like Obama ,Hillary and Rice to believe they are the real rulers of Israel. The Fakestinians don't need anything more than home-made weapons since they prefer murdering sleeping babies to real fighting.

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You have no clue as evidenced by your idiotic statements. The Israeli Defense Force is rated man for man as the best trained , most experienced military in the world. Do you possess some expertise? Strategypage.com ranks Israel (5.5 million people )as the fourth ranked land power ,after the US, China population 1.3 billion, and very slightly behind India population1.3 billion. Israel can manufacture almost all it's weapons needs except for jet fighters which will go the way of the dreadnoughts when UAVs take over. Israel manufactures it's own designed weapons systems and not by license from a foreign company. What weapons systems does Turkey export? The answer is very little if any. Turkish weapons technology vs Israel weapons technology? Are you on drugs? Israel invented the UAV and is the world leader in missile defense system. It also manufactures the best main battle tank in the world. Israel is 3rd or 4th in the world in weapons exports.

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Israel can easily incinerate the capital of any NATO country which is belligerent towards Israel. Israel has as many or more nukes than any NATO country and clearly has a much better military than France, Germany , or Little Britainstan. Obviously, mentally challenged individuals such as Crackerjerk are not aware of this. The European Nazis will not sacrifice their "great" cities such as Paris or London for a group of trespassing gangsters such as the Fakestinians.

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All the publicity given to the victims and their families makes the USA look weak in the eyes of the subhuman jihadists. The US should have killed 10 jihadists and their supporters beginning in early 2002 for every victim of 9/11 without worrying about "collateral" damage. This would have required banning the traitors of the lame stream media from entering Iraq or Afghanistan. The traitorous lame stream jihadist supporters such as the owner of the NY Times should have been jailed for 20 years and had his citizenship revoked.

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Notice how blacks who always like to portray themselves as physically superior to whites (which is not supported by any objective evidence) only attack whites when they greatly outnumber them or they attack a totally unaware white with the blacks' martial art; the sucker punch. Blacks starting with Obama are as racist as any group in the world besides being cowards. In the army, they almost always had jobs that kept them out of harm's way.

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Israel should build some type of fence topped with razor wire along the length of its' border with Syria. If any of these subhuman Muslims should make over the fence , they should be shot dead. Let's stop living in denial. The Muslims will never ceased their campaign to exterminate the Jews of Israel. The only method which has stopped them is as in the case of Egypt . Egypt lost so many lives in their attempts to commit genocide against Israel, they decided make a phony peace treaty with Israel. But it did buy Israel 40 years of quiet on the border with Egypt. Nothing but killing as many Muslims as possible will slow down their genocidal campaign against the Jews.