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The UK English thing did work around 2 am but when you woke up the next day the IT people switched it back!

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Congrats!! What a wonderful story I remember when she won!!

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Thanks. I have to follow up with a dream job but I know part of the problem is I am an American and I don't know how much that factors into the equation.

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Loved it!! It was well worth every penny. I always hear about the social media projects by Ford and GM. I hardly ever hear anything about Chrysler but they instantly made themselves relevant with the ad. They brought together the passion the folks of Detroit have, they introduced it to people who didn't think of it that way, and they left you feeling and knowing the car!!!

This ad did all it was set out to do and got people talking about them finally. Will I buy a Chrysler 200 probably not because I can't afford a car now. Will I talk about them more? Yes, they did an excellent job and it was well worth the money. I loved it.

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I loved this ad. I was never too sure about Chrysler before hand. I have seen so much stuff from GM and Ford that I forgot about Chrysler. So it accomplished what it needed to do to bring itself back to relevancy. It also created a movement which even people NOT from Detroit believed in. Which is great because they know we are NOT going to be put down and we are coming back so hear us roar!! Plus, what it also did was elicit an emotion plus we know exactly what the car is. Some of the other ads by other car companies we did NOT remember the actual car it was for. Take the VW commercial The Force. I loved it but I can't tell you what it was for.

So I can say I love it!!!

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I agree. You need to know where you came from and what goals you are trying to accomplish. I guess I am trying to convince a person I am going to be working for to measure the correct things and to get away from the tools and realize a lot of stuff goes into a good campaign. I am not trying to sell anything I just want the correct stuff measured.

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Great stuff. I love how you demonstrated how to get past the tools to the real nitty gritty stuff of what you want to accomplish. It is so important to not focus on the tools but to have a plan on how to get there.

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Love it!! I can't wait to go to the new place!!

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I agree. I also think this can be used for profit as well. You should have an integrated team because you can use both offline and online marketing tools to work with each other.

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I have been in this situation but I have gone out on dates. But today's day and age it seems harder to find the quality one. I do believe that the "Good Man" is an endangered species. I have seen them and I do know they exist. Too bad the good ones are already taken and married. Grr. It is such a viscous cycle.