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- Nice avatar. Linux fan?
- Actually, it's the county sheriff, not the Rangers. Ref So contact your Sheriff and get the conversation started! We'll see! Thanks for your encouragement. ;0)
- And the interstate clause doesn't do that, actually. Another conversation.
- I think they passed law, not resolution ("meaningful action, not meaningless posturing"), so it will empower local action, and TSA would be putting its employees at risk of criminal charges. Again, we'll see.

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You've expressed what is probably everybody's bottom line reaction: "But what can we do? They have guns!"

Actually, Texas' action is exactly what's needed to enable/encourage the county sheriffs to act on our behalf, defending citizens against attack ... by anyone, including federal representatives doing unauthorized things. Because "they have guns," it is the States, not just individual citizens, that must step up to their proper role, as Jefferson et al explained they must.

And until the Constitution is changed by the prescribed method, it has not been changed. Not even decades of wrong-headed Court conclusions can change it; as Washington said, until it is changed by the people, it has not been changed.

Think of it this way. We're not talking about secession. We're talking about getting a hired hand back inside his job description. We want more law-abidin', not less. He works for us, and if he pulls a gun (bomb, whatever) against his employer (us), then everything must change. And it can.

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Appreciate your comments. We do walk an interesting matrix, as Christians and citizens. I think we need to pursue both priorities.

On the one hand, He says, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves (and other actions)... I will heal their land..." Interesting that His offer is to heal the land regardless of what the other people are doing, those NOT called by his name. They get the benefit, deserved or not, as a side effect of His people responding to Him as they should. Or, vice versa, geting the side effect of the land NOT being healed, if we do not respond to him, whether they know that's the real operational dynamic or not.

On the other hand, the Constitutional Republic was brilliantly formed, clearly under His guidance, and has produced blessing for the world beyond any in this world's history. It is a great gift, and one worth defending against all attack, for the benefit of our descendants and those of all nations who thereby benefit from more freedom, etc, as they have in the past.

So as His people we respond to Him, whether He chooses to save the nation from tyranny or not... and as citizens, we do whatever we can to preserve the blessings of His prior gifts, always mindful that our allegiance to the Giver supercedes our allegiance to His gifts!

This dual responsibility bears some public discussion, I think, and needs to be explored further by Christian patriots. I think I'll go paste this into my own blog, for what good it might do ... !

Again, thanks.

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Reposted on the blog "Loving God, Loving America". Thanks, Kelly!