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EVERY AMERICAN BLACK PERSON NOT BORN INTO ISLAM SHOULD SEE THIS. Do NOT view the view if you cannot take GRAPHIC IMAGES as it is EXTREMELY. This was committed in 1 of the TOP 10 Most Dangerous Places For Christians. These are ALL Islamic controlled nations. Sharia Law dictates how they are to treat Christians. Sharia Law IS Islamic Law. Make No Mistake: ALL MUSLIMS are Islamic. Did you know that Obama wears a ring that says in Arabic "There is no God But Allah"? Under Islamic /Sharia Law, it is OKAY TO LIE to nonmuslims for the purpose of advancing Islam.

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It's the drive-by media trying to manipulate the public decision - it has worked in the past but it's not going to work this time because we are all wise to the liberal media and Bozell's work has played a big part in getting this aired out - it has helped the TPP effort tremendously. Don't believe the liberal media. Deliberately omitting the truth is the same as a lie. ***Get the US out of the UN and the UK out of the EU.***End Muslim immigration to the West.

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As well as Muslim immigration for votes - I understand that officials can also do exchanges with Saudi Arabia for oil.

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What idiots!!! Pam is the one fighting AGAINST intolerance as Islam sheerly and absolutely defines it-- and they are trying to say SHE is intolerant? Well then PayPal is INTOLERANT of Pamela who they say is "intolerant" because she SPEAKS THE TRUTH about the "intolerant" followers of Islam. Apparently PayPal execs have zero knowledge about Shariah law and Islam. This world is completely insane -- NOW I'VE SEEN IT ALL.

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The mosque is there to give the Muslims all of the amenities away from the kufar. They are superior and we have Western decadence installed in our same amenities and they shouldn't have to obey our rules - after all Sharia law rules over all. They are creating their own "Chinatown" equivalent by doing this and it will serve as a call to Muslims to move there and operate there. Before you know it the streets will be closed at prayer time because they will put out a call to all Muslims in the nation to come pray there and there is not enough room.

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James you have hit it on the head. I have come to the conclusion that -(although I know the corruption is everywhere - GOP included) I have never been able to prove corruption IN GOP. The same does not apply to incumbent party - and especially on the local level. There is so much corruption on the local level that uncovering such things can ruin your life. They will make sure of it. I have a close relationship with someone who knows this all too well -- these games that the Democrats play on a federal level they also play on a local level. So much of what is coming out sounds awefully familiar....the deals, the tricks, the vengeance, the games they play. God forbid you should be the little guy pulling their pants down because the next thing you know you will have a bunch of trumped up charges on your head and you won't know which way is up.

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Muslims have authorized sanctions to rape non-Muslim women (because they do not wear the veil). Therefore in Sweden, along with all of the mass migration of Muslims has come a flood of rape cases. I have read that the LIBERAL government in Sweden has asked the police departments to stop keeping records of the assailants records (the "Muslim" factor is omitted) in these Swedish rape cases because it will enable statistics analysis based on Muslims doing all of the raping.

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Centers such as the one at Ground Zero serve to segregate. It is forbidden for a non-Muslim to go to Islamic mosque without being invited. An invitation from a Muslim is his duty for dawa and has as its purpose only the conversion of unbelievers to Islam.

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Take a look at the Muslims who have mosques in their neighborhood
Do these mosques ALL have community center type structure?
If so, do the Muslims there go to other places (to integrate) where these amenities are located?

I.e. there is said to be all of these different types of places like:

Swimming pool, basketball court, meeting rooms, a 500-seat auditorium, banquet facilities and many other things a community needs to be healthy. The center will offer theatrical programming, art exhibitions and cooking classes. These are amenities missing now from this part of the city.

Read more:

The above list of amenities is saying they are missing these amenities. THIS is so that they can REMAIN EXCLUSIVE of the rest of the American population and refuse in ASSIMILATE or INTEGRATE.

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On the Everybody Draw Mo page I made sure to point out when they posted spam pictures of JC hanging on the cross:
What these idiots fail to realize is that every Christian across the nation has one of these hanging in his home!!