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Irvin Sammons


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Thank you Jo for the most incredible blog... Got goosies reading about me and seeing my pics on your blog. So so special of you!
Much love and HUGE kisses.

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Darling.... you're on holiday already!!! and there ARE shops here for the costume!! Perhaps time to get a new slinky bikini!!!

Jo... The ocean is FAR but gentle... and don't expect it to be either! Like life - it has it's ebbs and flow... but HELL does this ocean kick up a fuss when you least expect it!!!

Myself, Jesse and Enzo await your arrival tomorrow.... The bubbly will be waiting for us.. freshly poured... nice and chilled... and then... the prezzies await to be revealed!!!!

See you tomorrow!!!

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Hey Jo...

So glad you're feeling better! Missing you way too much!


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Oh golly.... THen there's Irvin's story... one which was generally always hidden cause I was too damn scared of judgement - but - who was judging who at the end of the day!!! **grin**
Much strength is always needed when it comes to our personal stories, but it's our truth and why shy away from everything that make us what we are!

Thanks for the post Greg and always for the little subtle reminders....

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I'm so glad you like the pic Jo... There are some great ones coming through. I get the chills and this goosy flesh looking at some of them, there was a definite magical presence there that night....

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Oh what a super night!!!! Thanks JO! Love you BIG time!

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I just love it when you step up to the challenge Jo! I would've run a friggin mile..... Or now after our last few months together with the archetype course... Probably not..

... After what we spoke about... This is going to be friggin awesome for you!!!!

Looking forward to your next write up...........

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Haha!!! Oh yes... I remember those times in the wings where I knew I screwed up chronically... all that was said was - The show must go on!....

These past few months have been HUGE!!!! and wonderfully so!

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OH I'm so with you on this one! I did drama throughout my school career and it was the most amazing times of my life! The fear... oh boy.... talk about an adrenalin rush!!! And now that you mentioned it in this analogy, well, it's was actually made me perform the best!
(And then the ego-control-freak stepped in and I directed in the last year - what a disappointment)....

As much as I've always said that I work with my fear, I do still let it can over and not run with it... Hmmm... Interesting....

I think these pennies are going to start running out soon! LOL!

Thanks for the reminder Greg!

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I think this has to be one of your best blogs.... Yet again another little lesson for all of us... and especially me who constantly burns the candle from all three sides...
Sadly, one has to take those breaks... mine is tomorrow... DOING FOKALLL!!!!! (sorry about the language) I've had a rotten week filled with high emotion and it's just been draining with the constant KAK I've decided to contend with in the workplace...

Relax nicely..... I sure as hell am!!!!