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'Grünendahl says there is no evidence that Lagarde was influenced by Indology or had any association with it.' Lagarde knew Sanskrit and was a student of Ruckert. He did influence and was influenced by people who (unlike him) specialized in Sanskrit as opposed to his own specialization in Bible studies. Lagarde's ideas influenced the Prussian General Staff- most notably Luddendorf- who was as much of an Anti-Catholic as an anti-Semite. However, as a number of scholars have pointed out (Adluri is supposed to be a philosopher- he knows nothing about either Indology or German pedagogic history) German indology had no impact on Nazi ideology because it had already abandoned the romantic theory of language found in Renan & Max Muller. Indeed, Grunendahl points out that Pollock mendaciously attributes the word of an Assyriologist (Von Soden) to Frauwallner- an Austrian Indologist

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High caste intellectuals like Romila Thapar and Sidhu are trying to befool innocent bahishrit (oppressed and excluded) people who are original inhabitants of sub continent. They are constantly building up Aryan religious leaders like Buddha, Nanak, Kabir, Dayanand Sarasvati etc. What about Googoo the simple tribal ant eater? He preached the true equality. Kabirpantis looked down on Googoo because he never wore clothes and thus did not support the weaving racket. However, Googoo never looked down on anyone. Kabir himself came to Googoo to take his blessing.
Truth of Googoo Religion is ruthless suppressed not just by Modi Sarkar (i.e. Government of Nazi like Narendra Modi) but also by Human Beings and Plants.
If you examine videos of so called 'arrest' of Rampal you can clearly see that all of the police are having blonde hair and speaking Yiddish and also wearing badges showing employment by C.I.A, I.S.I and other Upper Caste Gangster operations.