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Having others around us is a mirror - in that context, I don't necessarily think it's vanity to want to take care of ourselves because others will judge us ... after all they are only a mirror of what we would see in ourselves from the outside ;)

p.s. I learned them as the 7 cardinal sins... there are also 7 cardinal virtues :) These are called the heavenly virtues that oppose the deadly sins... LOL

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I think you're the only one here who think vegans think (!) farming comes without harm. The vegan solution to that is veganic farming and reducing the number of crops raised - by feeding them directly to people.

It's an old tired cliche that many use - "Vegetables are what my food eats." If you want to reduce suffering of animals for vegetable crops and use the nutrition efficiently, stop feeding it to food animals first.

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Sorry, it's cattle that are displacing the trees in the amazon - and the organic soy to feed them. Organic soy for organic meat is required - and the cattle eat a lot more of it than we do. Please research this.

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Some choices are hard to respect. If my neighbor wanted to BBQ his dog, would I be a bad person if I tried to explain to him why that's wrong? If my neighbor polluted and poisoned the air and water that we all share, would I be self-righteous to tell her why she should stop that?

For some reason though, this article was aimed specifically at vegans - the title itself is contentious vegan-bashing. Why is that ok, but when the vegans try to explain our position, we are called self-righteous, self-indulgent, and told that it's our job to solve the problems of killing field mice for agriculture? Really think this goes well beyond egos and tempers and falls straight down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

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What should we eat then ?

You seem to be saying that if we have to kill some for sustenance, even doing it in the least harmful way, then we might as well kill 10000x as many of them plus all the livestock animals required to consume meat?

If i have to steal food to survive then would it be justified for me to murder all my neighbors and the clerk when I do it? I'm not following here.

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No, I'll be here on this planet, speaking out against injustice. If that makes me self-righteous, I'm in good company.

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I don't recommend humanely farmed animals as an incremental step just because the suffering you save livestock is only transferred to free-living ones =:/ Here in UT we are trapping and shooting wolves in the name of humanely raised cattle and sheep... that's torture too.

I do think reducing consumption of any type of animal products is meaningful though, if we want something that is better than nothing =).

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A propos sexism, I find your promotion of PETA and their sexist tripe much more disturbing than promoting a business like American Apparel. While most people are aware that AA is a business, whose objective is to sell clothing, PETA dresses up like a wolf in faux sheep's clothing promoting sexism and death of shelter animals, and generally misleading people for millions a year in donations, under the guise of "helping animals." =:/

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I wish PETA would combust from its own insanity.

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Thanks for your comment ECB!