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I couldn't have said it better myself! I was following pretty well on the first entry, but after that the brain slowly started shutting down. I think I need to go to bed now and rejuvenate myself. Nighty - night y'all. zzzzzzzz LOL

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If you go to the movies and the movie is not worth sitting through to watch and you leave within the first 30 mins the theatre will give you back your money. At least that is what happened to me. But it is still a waste of time going to the movie only to have to walk out again.

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I loved this list. I find it facinating to learn about people. It makes the paintings more intriguing when you think about the history behind some of them. It makes the artist and the model more human and I find I appreciate their work even more. I loved the extra links that you included. I was entrhralled by the letter written by the Grant Wood and what he was trying to portray in his painting the "Amercian Gothic".

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I listened to the Jonestown recording the first time this came out. It was really eerie how he talked to everyone and more eerie how everyone listened and obeyed. It was also interesting listening to people asking him questions. It is so sad to hear the recording and know what happens afterward. It goes to show that intellegent people can become brainwashed and follow blindly. So sad!

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This is a great list. I am becoming more and more interested in history, now I have some more people to research and learn more about. I love these kind of lists. Thank you.

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I totally agree, I just hope people don't see this family and think all Christians believe the same way! I am horrified at what they do and say. ____They came to my city, Port Orchard, WA, to protest a funeral of one of our fallen soldiers, (we are a small community) and the paper reported that some members of this church would be there, so when the time came for the funeral approximately 200 people showed up to counterprotest the 5 protestors from the Westboro Baptist church, a Kitsap County Sheriff Deputy had to protect the 5 protestors from the 200 counterprotestors. As a result they only stayed about 15 to 20 minutes. I was so proud of the city I live in. ____Here is a link to the article from our local newspaper: _ _

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Very interesting list. If you like this list check out the following website. It has some other great people to read about. Not neccessaryily suicide, but celebrity deaths none the less. ___ _

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This was a fun list to read. I'm looking forward to reading the one that have links to them. I love to read and love to read science fiction. Thank you, ophiucha, you did a great job without giving away too much of the story, just enough information to make me want to read them.