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I know! I also wonder what new and exciting features the new OS will bring - maybe a new photo organizer? A new video editing tool? After all, these are the objective benchmark for a good OS... at least according to Apple ;)

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Nope, not the first one. The PDF reader from HTC (which includes Adobe Reader LE 2.5 as it says in the About screen) has this functionality and much more actually. The official Adobe Reader takes way more time to load documents (tried with a 580-page book and took at least 10 seconds on my Desire), though it's a bit faster in scrolling big documents. The lack of even basic features don't make it too useful for serious use though....

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Agree with Rubbinz. Tested on a 580 page book - scrolling is a bit faster with the Adobe reader, but the files takes forever to load. Plus, the HTC PDF Reader (which actually contains Adobe Reader LE 2.5, as it says in the About screen) has an order of magnitude more options...

Come on, Adobe! Hire one more person - you can do better than that. You've made PDF files part of our daily lives - now provide us with a decent PDF reader!

And I want it to remember the last position when I reopen a file, please! I don't want to scroll 324 pages every time....