I Am Your People

I Am Your People


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"women who are waiting on a man who is currently in a relationship to become single so that they can be the next girlfriend or spouse. "

I had an argument (well maybe a discussion) with a male friend who couldn't understand why women wouldn't want their ex to date their friend. I used the above statement as the example - because I assume you've been stalking my man the whole time we've been dating. But then again maybe he WAS right. If she was, just let them date and let her go...

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"I guarantee you all the wrong b-tches will be fist pumpin’ and booty hoppin’ to this one. " You ain't never lied. bet you this is @JBarbie20's new theme song

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On SportsCenter, ESPN said they didn't plan to use Mariotti again. It'll be interesting to see if the man who doesn't believe in 2nd chances gets one

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He reminds me of R. Kelly. Remember how he said he wasn't a pedophile, then promptly called himself the Pied Piper? Eddie Long isn't a predator...he just dresses like one

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This is HILARIOUS! And clearly Bobby Brown's gone through puberty since the 80s, since he didn't have breasts or womanly hips in the original

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Posing in front of that ad can't be good for Creme of Nature

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That whole scene gave me Steve Harvey/gay friend vibes. I guess it's good advice, but weird coming from a guy who was married a few months

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Fail! His career is taking off and he has every thing to look forward to. And how do you do narcotics in a PUBLIC bathroom. I can't.

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Nivea, girl what? Whoo are you going to come for next? Cher? Nona Hendryx? Madonna? Dammit Raven-Symone did that before you and she's about ten years younger. You didn't invent looking a hot skittles mess. SADDOWN

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WHO??? Crime is the new publicity. I assume his mixtape will be out next week. I swear, if Ameriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie gets a DUI....