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Sharideth, I think that describes my feelings as well...still too confused to decide what my reaction is. The past four months have seen a slow awakening to the lies I've been believing (having grown up in the church, but living on my own strength, there's a lot of built of religiosity and sudo-trust that's blocked my relationship with God), and this post...wow. Serious Wednesday indeed.

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I'm the guy that goes to the Narnia films with Tumnus horns on my head ... for the first film, my outfit included prosthetic legs and hooves!

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My parents took this approach, and while I'm fully responsible for my own actions, the results were not good. :D (yes, I put a smile after that, to help soften the blow...)

Thank you, on behalf of your kids, for being honest!

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I grew up in northern Indiana, and so many [mostly elderly] people moved to or vacationed in lower FL, the local joke was that Florida was really just Indiana's lower peninsula!

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An excellent blog post! I've long held the belief that short films can be more effective than feature length because of this very reason. There's simply not enough time to fill in all the blanks, and the audience is left to fill in a far richer back story, middle, and end.

Greek logical argument often used the same concept (unfortunately, I can't remember who the main proponent of this was, or where I read it). Essentially, the best way to persuade an audience is to allow them to persuade themselves.

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Thank you very much! I used #43 (tried #42 but it'd already been claimed).