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Great tips, thank you! One of the things that kept me from doing the Vegas Half this year is the cost. I love Vegas, we could make a vacation out of it but the fee for the race is sooo high!

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Quesadillas are one of our standard meals. It's quick, easy, really delicious! Adding black beans to them make them really filling too.

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I love the Icy Hot roll-on stick. It works so great and my hands don't smell like icy hot for hours!

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That sounds like a good plan to me! Goals like these should be ENJOYABLE and not torture!

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Taper days are hard for me too. I hate worrying whether I'll gain weight because I'm no longer exercising. To keep myself sane I stop counting calories for about 3 days before a race. It helps.

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Sorry--my suggestion was chocolate milk. That's what I use a lot and it works great.

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I just discovered your blog so forgive me if this doesn't apply....Do you take any medications? I lost 110 pounds and then last year I started taking Celexa. I took it for 10 months, did not change my eating habits (I'm a calorie counter) and I still worked out 5x a week. I gained 15 pounds!! Trust me, it was a shocker!

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I LOVE the jeans pic! Do you remember what size those jeans were? My biggest were 24W..

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Baked ziti is one of my favorites!! I like doing whole wheat pasta the night before a race. Usually with a red sauce and some turkey meatballs or some kind of meat.

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Good advice. When I first started running I thought running was "run as fast as you can." Um, not exactly correct!! I quickly learned I could run longer if I paced myself.