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heyo.... i think its possible you misunderstood me. at the very least, misquoted me:) I say this a lot:

"content isn't king, [i]relationships[/i] are king."

my premise is this and it fits your argument. The platforms are always going to change. Today, its WP and Facebook and Twitter. 10 years ago it was newsletters, email and magazines. In a year, who knows what it will be. Point is, content sticks, relationships move.

Now, if the person in your example HAD relationships, then they wouldn't need to use SEO tricks to bring in viewers. Viewers who come via SEO simply aren't as valuable as viewers who come from more organic ways like recommendations, etc.

But sure.... lets say you're going to value content over relationships and the character of the content itself.... its about gaming the system and getting eyes on the page. You write content for the engines and the viewers funnel to your site, and then........... what happens?


Again. if you create GOOD content and cultivate relationships then people will want to interact with you, regardless of where you go ... they'll endorse new offerings and platforms. it's one of those "if you build it, they will come". If you game the system to get people's eyes on your site, the same methods that brought them there will prevent them from getting engaged with the content and sticking with you.

I'm not saying you should ignore SEO, but it should never come before good content. And... this is all purely my opinion, subjective, and open to vast interpretation. Either way, enjoyed talking to you after the sesh.

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so, what you're saying is...... more bacon.

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immediate new favorite. should add to "best of"

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As soon as the system in fully in place, you'll be able to log in once and the system will hold onto it for you in the future. OR... you can just post as a guest. But now, people can see not just what you've commented on this post, but if they like what you said, can see what else you've commented on.

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Hi guys. We've just switched to a new commenting system called Intense Debate. Your old comments are being imported, but with such a prolific blog (over 600 posts!) it takes a little time. You'll see them back. In the meanwhile, we've introduced this new system because it has some neat features. You can now be notified of follow up comments, you can reply by email, and rate comments. Of course, for those that prefer the old way, you can just keep doing exactly what you were doing before.