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I think the limit is in the hardware we are using. Glasses don't help in being familiar with 3d TV and use is limited. Once solved (if any solution is find), the user experience will boost and so will sales.

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Is really strange to see how much imagination was put into communication in the last 2 centuries.

And is amazing to see how much is closer to what we are using in our time.

Thinking at a reduction factor by 10 (means we are about 10 time faster in obtaining the results), I wonder which will be our way of communicating between next 20 years.

I think of 3d communication (olograms & co), immersive augmented reality and nearly doubled transmission speed.

What's your opinion?

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This could make sense, because is not the first time that someone has access to military satellites at different extent (remember talibans intercepting videos from UAV in Afghanistan or brasilian hackers accessing Navy's satellites with home made dishes).

On the other side, everyone knows (and recent experiments such as the Unmanned X37B prove this) that space is in a way or another the theater to govern in order to obtain a strategic advantage.

What makes me think is how much we are relying on technology for our defense and civilian uses.

Within the years we have shifted from tech as a commodity to tech as a vital need and this is a problem we are not thinking to solve, neither in part neither in a whole.

A system like GPS should be safeguarded as something vital for all mankind and not be seen as a military target.

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I drop just a couple of thoughts.

First of all that the fact that Al Qaeda feels the need to announce the death of a coordinator (sorry, but I cannot call Officer a terrorist), is a warning of how much is organized and still dangerous, despite of all our efforts.

Second thought is that love them or not, drones are the future.

Personally I think that is a kind of fight so impersonal that helps to do the work without remorses: just a surgical operation were possible, rebalancing the effort in terms of lives and costs of those operations.

Some (and I somewhat agree with them) that F35 will be the last manned fighter. I don't feel this is the moment of this change, but IMHO path is started.