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Lottery, Raffle, Gambling, Playing the Numbers, are all the same thing with different names. They all promise something for next to nothing.
The reason that the poor seem to be victimized by this is that they keep doing the things that make them poor, like spending a large portion of their meager earnings on pie in the sky things like lottery tickets.
Each lottery ticket sold decreases your chance of winning exponentially.

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SO don't plug the darned thing into the internet, I only plug in my blueray when Sony sends me an email telling me a software update is needed.

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This order will not stand, they can't maintain a list or segregate people votes, and who they voted for, it's illegal, at more levels than I can count.

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Unfortunately, most of the voting public don't have a clue on what is going on in the government. They can tell you who got to stay on American Idol, but don't even know who their US Reps or Senators are, Let alone their state legislators. The government controlled media keeps them ignorant intentionally. When is the last time you read in a paper or heard on the local news about what your state legislators did that day? unless it was something that really twists the liberal panties, never!
Roughly 80% percent of the country doesn't even turn up to vote on state & local issues, and only 33% show up to vote on Federal ones. I blame this on the media, and foremost on our crap education system we have now. The kids coming out of high school now can tell you the life history of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, but don't have a clue who Andrew Jackson or Thomas Jefferson were. And think Che Guevara was a patriot freedom fighter.

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About 80% of the "Legal" Hispanic population of AZ Support this law, they waited in line, attended the citizenship classes and paid their fees, they are pretty upset that the Feds aren't doing their Constitutionally mandated duty. And from my experience these "Legal" Hispanics are primarily conservative in nature.
One of the most irrefutable arguments to the premise of "Hispanics pouring out to vote Democrat" is that a very huge percentage of them that can legally vote, have voiced support of this law and consequently Gov. Brewers poll ratings have taken a considerable jump.

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I expect nothing less from the Loser in Chief, he must be beginning to wake up to the fact that there people out there that real dislike him a lot.
I just hope nothing happens to him because we all know who will get the blame, and it won't be the SEIU thugs

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When are folks going to wake up? The CIA has been infested with UN and CFR operatives for years. I don't mean the folks actually doing the work (Heros All!!), but their management, political appointees and their cronies like the NYT. Like most of the Government at ALL Levels, from city to Federal, the CIA needs to be fumigated, then turned back over to the Military.

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One mans "Opinion" does not a fact make,

I told you to go read a real book, not some putz remarks on youtube.
And what gives you any idea that the UN would produce an unbiased report?
Their hatred and disdain of Israel is evident everyday.

We are done here, your opinions are not self generated based on knowledge, but just parroting someone else work.

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Here are the facts mate, Egypt, Jordan & Syria lost in WW2 the British/Allied Forces took the property from them, (when you lose a war & the winners take your territory, it's no longer yours, unless you have enough stones to take it back) They awarded this property to dislocated Jews from Europe, the Syrians and Jordanians agreed to this, they also agreed to give the Palestinians space in their countries which they did, the Palestinians then started raising hell in those countries which resulted in them getting booted out. The Israelis then agreed with the UN, US and Britain to take the Palestinians back, and put them in Gaza along the Egyptian border. The rest is tedious UN bickering and a few more Arab Israeli wars where the Arabs lost more territory, West Bank, Golan Heights, etc. The PLO and Hamas and other terrorist orgs have been waging terrorist warfare on Israel and the rest of the world ever since. The Israelis have never attacked any of these other countries first, they have responded to attacks and kicked the attackers behinds.
Try reading a real history book and not some made up crap off of the net.

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And you are foolish enough to believe that we aren't doing the same to them, Get Real!!

I get a Real charge out of all the people slamming Israel for defending its self.
Invaders, that's one of the nuttiest thing I've heard lately! since when is it an invasion to build homes in your own country?

I would wager that none of the posters here, both positive & negative have ever stepped foot in Israel, where do you get off saying that you know anything about what it's like there? believing what media pundits & wannabe reporters tell you is asking to be mislead.
I have been to Israel several times, (I was engaged to an Israeli gal) if the Palestinian terrorists would stop trying to kill Israelis there would be no problems, the simple fact is they do not want to live peacefully with Israel or they would have melded into the society like all the rest of people that immigrated there, long ago.