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right on!!

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Hilarious!! "Holy mother of dogma!!" Right on sista!

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i married a man with anxiety disorder. same thing. he didn't take his treatment seriously and i walked on eggshells for years. it's a slow creeping in. i am so glad i left!

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All i know is that just existing stretches me to the fullest of my financial limits. Yes, certain things were a hell of a lot easier when I lived in NYC - not needing a car was great - better than I even imagined now that I live in Arizona and need a car. It was amazing when I could walk to the post office, to get food, to get to work. Now, I just about have to drive everywhere. I tried living without a car in Tucson last year and was a practical shut in half the time (I rode my bicycle a lot - but still - not the friendliest town for cycling AND it's freakin' hot). Poor urban planning.

A lot has to change - especially in cities. People need to be able to get around, better public transportation is a start - and better pathways for cyclists. I bought a Prius last year. It's the only thing I actually own (well, the bank still owns it) - but, it's one of the best investments I ever made. We have to make change on just about every level of our existence. Currently, I live in a place where I have to drive.

I have made many choices based on sustainability - including tubal ligation (zero population growth). However, I am in a relationship with a man who has a child. The child in my life has split custody - there is no leaving AZ for now - and there is a lot of driving to and from school, to and from therapies (special needs kid), to and from work, to and from parents. It's just the way it is.

In the meantime, many of us are doing the best we can. If people who aren't completely aware are buying Priuses and driving the shit out of them, it's better than doing nothing.

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I was at the Paititi Institute for two weeks last year and my life is changed. The changes are still unfolding.

Thanks for directing this movie, Nick.

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So right on with this article. I wondered what the YA did as well. After years of teaching, I finally signed up because I couldn't get certain work without it.

Beginning to think a competitive alternative alliance that uses your suggestions as an outline for its mission may be the way to go - if YA doesn't act.



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it's been a long while! :( hope you are well!

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Well done! Nice post, Chris! Om shanti~

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Wahoo! yay! Rock on Lady!

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yes! thanks for the post!