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Thanks Charlie St. Cloud

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stumbled acros this blog via jackalopekid (i think) ... anyway, hi, am pleased i did.

interesting thoughts on depression, but a great response.

depression is can be the most devastating illness for someone to have, and it can also impact so many more people than just the person with the diagnoses.

thank you for your response.

not everyone does respond in that way, so if you truly can and do, all respect to you and others out there :)

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thanks phlio, am i supposed to debate you on your reply now, to earn more coins ? :D

(for the record, i go with what you say ... i guess to have a perfect church, you would need to take us all outta it!) :)
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hey, submitted my blog as a link.

its my take on life, and things that effect me, and the world that surrounds me, so sometimes i write about topical things, and issues, and sometimes i do that and try and relate it to the church/faith. sometimes its just about me and my own story. sometimes its about mental health issues.

my page also has my poetry, links to things i have written, and photos :)
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(p.s, sorry to be a bit thick, but can someone tell me what the 2p is next to my name? have only ever seen it on this blog?)

(er and as i typed this comment it went up to 4p ?! )

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i believe in church being 'family like no other' and am very lucky to have found a church that is that. i remember replying to your blog once, about pastors, and giving a reason why my pastor is so great or something, and the essence of it was I trust him (which was a very hard thing for me to do) and he treats me like he would someone in his immediate family, especially in serious pastoral issue circumstances.

my church accepts it has weaknesses and strives to deal with them, whilst recognises and works together to achieve great things.

i believe honesty amongst the leadership and the congregation is good too, and that people in positions of authority have integrity. Sadly so many people are spiritually homeless in regards to having a church base, because of lack of these things.

I could sit forever and come up with a whole list of what makes a church, but at the top of it is being family (well, aside form the believing in God bit!!) :)
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great blog, glad i've found it

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interesting post.

i just upset some 'positive encouraging christian tweeters'

ya know, the kind who tweet all day long 'how amazing God is and how He makes bad things happen so He can come and redeem and make all things good' ... that kind.

i dared to suggest that maybe the idea of God making and or even letting bad things happen to people portrays a bit of a sadistic view of his personality, dontcha think?

they kept repeating their phrases, then refused to converse me any longer, which is a shame i reckon ...

i love reading peoples tweets, i love people who are good at being encouraging.
i dont love people who cannot say anything original or what is really on their mind and are automated repeats of something they then refuse to discuss.

thanks for your thought provoking blogs.